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ELoMed™ is on a mission to transform the face mask industry with biodegradable, disposable face masks that are made in the USA. Our triple layer face masks are comfortable, breathable, with medical-grade quality. In an effort to reduce waste and keep our environment clean, all of our face masks are placed in biodegradable plastic-free packaging and delivered in recyclable paper boxes. Even our shipping labels are compostable!

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Traditional Disposable Face Masks Can Harm the Environment but You Can Go Bio

Studies estimate that we are throwing away 129 billion face masks per month - breaking down to 3 million face masks per minute. To say disposable face masks have been rapidly adding to the global plastic waste crisis almost feels like an understatement with such staggering numbers. But we know this. They are everywhere. As we approach the 2 year mark of the pandemic (can you believe it?), it seems clear that face masks have become the new normal for individuals outside of trades and trends in COVID-19 variants arising indicate this usage is here to stay. We can’t deny that this is also for good reason. Disposable face masks offer lab tested protection that allow us to protect ourselves...

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How EloMed™ is Protecting the Environment with Sustainable Masks

Sustainable masks are a solution to our global world that is becoming more health and environmentally conscious every day. There has been a huge surge in disposable face mask use ever since the emergence of COVID-19. They are now a part of everyday life, and it’s safe to say - no pun intended - that they are probably here to stay.  Although disposable face masks help protect us and our communities, they pose a serious threat to the environment in and of themselves and when disposed of improperly. This is because traditional face masks are made of polypropylene plastic - a thermoplastic polymer that can take up to 450-years to decompose.  This plastic can actually outlive 5 human lifespans before...

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