This is the bio face mask by ELoMed. The first of its kind in the face mask industry. The bio face mask is a part biodegradable face mask made with post-consumer recycled ear loops and completely sustainably packaged.

Go biodegradable with the bio face mask

ELoMed™ bio face masks are the first of their kind: biodegradable face masks with 100% sustainable packaging, made in the USA. Just by making a simple switch to the bio face mask, you reduce plastic waste, support a smaller carbon footprint, and create a new vision for the future of the environment that ensures your protection. Consumers make all the difference in the world.

Eco-friendly ≠ Compromise

We created this product so you don't have to make a compromise between your health and your ethics.

Why have we been left with only two choices until now? Reusable masks that claim to “do better for the environment” do not offer real protection, while the traditional disposable face masks that do continue to create an exponential amount of hazardous plastic waste. 

We wanted to create a better choice: an eco-friendly face mask that actually works. The bio face mask yields a >99.9% BFE and a notably high breathability rate. Our face masks are completely lab tested to ASTM Standard (F2100) meeting Level 1 requirements. And if you want lab results, we will send them over with no questions asked. Full transparency, always.

100% Sustainably Packaged

ELoMed™ bio face masks are each packaged in a sealed, certified-compostable bioplastic bag and delivered in fully recyclable paper boxes printed with water-based ink. No oil. No plastic. No problem. Always packaged in quantities of 50 with free shipping within the US.

Say hello to ELo.

We are manufacturers of the bio face mask - protective biodegradable 3-ply face masks made from renewable plant resources and made in the USA. Have any questions for us? Ask away. We are here for you.

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Our Mission

Supporting US small businesses not only helps support our communities, but helps support a smaller carbon footprint. It means supporting big dreams and all the people who work to make those big dreams come true. Our goal is to offer a new way to keep each other safe in this new normal that protects ourselves while protecting the environment. From our families to our essential workers to our wildlife to our oceans, ELoMed™ the bio face mask was first and foremost designed with the earth in mind. We are all in this together.

ELoMed stands for a quality standard that is simple, smart, and sustainable. We believe these three pillars are an interrelated system that support a long-term vision for protecting ourselves while protecting the environment. What is simpler is oftentimes smarter and what is sustainable will always be smart.